Streaming with multiple cameras and play out units? Remote interview using Zoom, Teams etc.? YouTube, Facebook, your website or via broadcast SDI? 


Single camera output, via Black Magic Ultra | AJA setup, or go big with the MCX-500. The 500 unit from SONY have all current broadcast specifications, with the option of streaming broadcast and corporate content online via RTMP. Or even connecting a AVIwest or LiveU unit. The MCX-500 makes it easy for a single operator to run a professional live event. The setup can be used connecting anything with a SDI or HDMI output. A Mac can also be added for tape/file play out options. The MCX-500 can also record internally in XAVC and AVCHD.

For a larger setup, a 10 channel audio mixer and commentator setup/reporter setup can be added. Inkl. simple wireless communication. Currently, my standard setup is one FS7, two A7s and one Mac for tape/file playout. 6 audio units connected.

All operated by just one individual.


Three camera setup, incl. commentators, reporter, studio and play out unit,

for HB Køge FC. Streaming live game to their online platform.


Interview with film director, Mads Brügger for "60 minutes".

Return video and audio from studio via zoom, to location in Copenhagen.