4K cameras and accessories

SONY PXW-FS7 | 4K s35mm 10bit 4.2.2 | four separate XLR inputs | XDCA-FS7 ProRes HQ and 12-bit RAW expansion unit.

SONY a7sii | XAVC S 4K internal recording | ProRes HQ HD 10bit 4.2.2 external recording unit.

Drone - DJI Air 2S | 4K H.265 10bit | 1A pro licens | full ND kit from 4 to 128.

Gimbal - DJI RSC 2 Pro | wireless video accessories | live options for broadcast.

Three GoPro Hero 8 4K cameras | 12 hours battery options.

Sachtler 12 and 18 fluid head tripods.


Motorised and remote controlled camera slider | travel size.

HOLLYLAND MARS 400s | wireless video transmitter | 5´ monitor with directors cage.

4K lenses and accessories

s35mm. cine-zoom | PZ 18-110 mm.

UMC II primes | 14mm. 24mm. 35mm. 2 x 85mm. 135mm.

HJ22ex7.6B IASE | 22x.

HJ14ex4.3B IASE | 14x.

Two full size matte box (4x5.65) | selection of 4x5.65 NiSi cine filtres.


Five wireless radio mic. XLR units.

XLR wireless plug radio mic. unit.

Two wireless audio monitor units, for producer | director.

416 Sennheiser | Rode NTG4.


Boom pole | full blimp windshield.

Mono and stereo camera mounted XLR microphones.

SONY and Beyerdynamic radio mic. for reporters.​



SmallRig RC 220D | 98,700 LUX · Point-Source daylight, dimmable LED | RA-D55 softbox.


Two RX-12TD and two RX-8TD Bi-Colour dimmable LED´s | incl. remote, softbox, boom poles and battery option.

Two medium lightweight soft LED panels - variable | 220v and v-lock option.


Two lightweight rigs and light boom | 3 meters and 4 meters wide.

Three 2600/6400K small LED´s | 220v and NP battery option.

Various camera top lights | 3200/5600K.

Selection of flags and soft flags | ARRI light stands and extension arms available.

The rest

Mac Pro 6.1 | 12 core - D700 edit suite | Premiere Pro CC | eSata 6G disks tower of 20TB.

Macbook Pro SSD laptop | Premiere Pro CC | SDI and HDMI input/output.

SONY MCX-500 HD-SDI video mixer, recording and streaming unit | incl. full audio mixer and commentator setup. 


Full size camera cart | 250kg workload. 

Four long range radios, with earpiece option | 16 channels.

Kevlar stab proof and 9mm. bullet proof wests | incl. license.

Discrete three person VW T6 van with 220v. | full commercial insurance | VIP breakdown & rescue | ARCAsafe vehicle security.