Cameras and Accessories

SONY PXW-FS7 | 4K s35mm | four separate xlr inputs | v-lock battery.

SONY a7s | 35mm full frame | B-camera setup | incl. ProRes recording unit. 

The SONY a7s unit also comes as an extreme light sensitive, s35mm Run&Gun setup.

With two mono and one stereo input | Developed for lowlight filming, with the police.

DJI drone | 4K | 1A licens with full insurance.


Three complete GoPro units | 14 hour non stop battery options.


SONY NightVision IR camera 1080p | AVC - 28mbps, 8bit 4:2:0 | incl. two IR top lights.

Shape full size camera rig | Tilta and SONY handles.

Ronin SC pro. gimbal | incl. all accessories and ProRes recording unit.


Glide track XL camera slider | SONY VTC-U14 plate system.


Two full size Sachtler tripods | travel size available with fluid head.

Full size camera/film cart  | 250kg workload. 

4K lenses and Accessories 

s35mm cinezoom | 18-110mm.

s35mm run&gun size | 18-105mm.

s35mm prime | 35mm.

Samyang II series - full frame prime | 85mm.

Samyang II series - full frame prime | 35mm.

Samyang II series - full frame prime | 24mm.

Samyang II series - s35 prime | 12mm.


Canon B4 x22 tele | class-leading high end broadcast lens.

Canon B4 x8 wide | class-leading high end broadcast lens.

Two full size matte box (4x5.65)  | french flag | selection of 4x5.65 NiSi cine filtres.

Metabone PL mount and EF mount adaptors available.


Five wireless XLR units.

XLR wireless plug unit.

Two wireless audio monitor units, for producer | director.

416 Sennheiser | Rode NTG4.


Boom pole | rycote windjammer and cover.

SONY stereo recorder | Olympus mono recorder.

Mono and stereo camera mounted XLR microphones.

Large and small standup microphione units for reporters.

Saramonic Mini Audiomixer | a7s unit.


Three medium lightweight soft LED panels - variable | 220v and v-lock/NP battery option.

Lightweight kit of three 2600/6400K small LED´s | 220v and NP battery option.


One large super soft LED 3200/6600K variable, size - 50x50 cm. | 220v and v-lock battery option.

OSRAM super soft variable stick light | 3200K.


One 3200K - 300w.

Selection of flags and soft flags.

Various camera top lights | 3200/5600K.

Light stands and extension arms available.

The Rest

Mac Pro SSD edit suite | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 4 GB | 64GB RAM | Premiere Pro, 

Compression software and full Red Giant Suite | eSata 6G disks tower of 20TB.

Macbook Pro SSD laptop | Premiere Pro, Compression software and full Red Giant Suite.

 FS7 broadcast SDI camera setup for Skype, Zoom etc. For live tv or remote monitering. 


BlackMagic 3G-SDI HD/HDMI 2/3G-SDI HD converters.

V-lock battery double charger | travel unit available.


ProRes HQ 220mbit, 10bit, 4:2:2 | recording and play out unit | 3G HD-SDI and HDMI.

5 inch 3G-SDI HD monitor | HDMI input and SDI loop.

Four long range radios, with earpiece option | 16 channels.

Discrete two person VW T5 crew/gear van with 220v. Full Commercial Insurance | VIP breakdown & rescue.

Sharp video projector with remote and flight case.

Green/bluescreen | 150x200 cm. backdrop.

Large classic backdrop | black and black/grey.

Kevlar stab proof and 9mm. bullet proof wests | incl. legal license.